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The iPhone 8 Is The Worlds Best Selling Phone? Why?

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2017 was a pivotal year for smartphones.Phones finally started to look the way they were shown in futuristic movies from decades ago. Sleek edges no bezels and big beautiful displays. It safe to say that not one company has held back from the bezel-less trend. From the likes of Vivo to Oppo and of course Samsung and Apple.
So one would expect that with all these gorgeous great phones around, the classic iPhone 6 styled smartphone wouldn't stand a chance. Well think again.

The 8 Is King

Global best selling smartphone list and market share -May 2018

According to CounterPoint research, the iPhone 8 has beaten out its much flashier Android competition, Mainly the S9 and the S9+. Which might be explained by the abysmally low sales that the S9 family has been pulling in.The 8 even beat out its big brother the 8+ and the iPhone X. But moreover it shows a shift in consumer tastes that if Apple can tap, could lead to massive payoffs in terms of sales for next years iPhone. 
So why is the iPhone 8 an 8 month old iPhone beating relatively new phones?

Design: An Oldie But A Goldie

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Many a tech reviewer has called the iPhone 8's design as repetitive and bland, and they're right its a subtle refinement of a design that debuted 4 years ago in 2014. From the front it looks identical to the iPhone 6 and 7. With the same colour schemes and identical bezels.
But the iPhone 6 design is what I'd call a classic, It still looks good , The phone doesn't feel dated and it sure as hell feels premium in the hand. More over the design is functional and there are a large chunk of you that values functionality over design aesthetics. The phone fits comfortably in your hand you can use it single handedly if required. I'm sure that the glass refresh, making the phone more appealing and the phone still retaining a Design and features which a lot of people love made the iPhone 8 a sufficiently modern phone without the learning curve that the iPhone X brings.
I'd also like to add that the human mind gets used to things very quickly. back when the iPhone X came out we were all gawking at it. It was filled with wonder and intrigue, but now 9 months down the line, All of that intrigue and mystery has all but washed away. The design factor is weaker now than what it was a few months back.

A Phone That Works
A large part of the population isn't moved by crazy new designs and  new cutting edge tech. They just want a relatively modern phone in a familiar form factor. There are people who were coming up on an upgrade and just wanted a new phone that works. The iPhone 8 for these people fits the bill perfectly. The iPhone 8 can be seen as a no-nonsense phone that just works. For a lot of people thats a big selling point. Especially to people who are locked in the Apple Ecosystem.


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It's no secret that the iPhone X is an expensive phone and for a lot of people out there, a thousand dollars for a phone is unjustifiable. Especially a phone almost through its lifecycle. For them the iPhone 8 becomes the most sensible choice. Especially when you compare it to previous generations of iPhones, the iPhone 8 is a steal. You get Wireless charging, double the amount of memory and a plethora of other features for an additional $50.In my opinion the iPhone 8+ strikes the best balance between features and price but for those of us who aren't avid photo takers, the iPhone 8 checks another box.

The S9 Being Dead On Arrival

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Back in February I put out an article about my thoughts on the S9 family and when it wouldn't sell all that well. Now in July that has come to pass. Samsung tried to pull off what Apple does and tried to put out an S8s and it didn't really pan out for Samsung, With the variety in the Android market people who were underwhelmed by the Samsung S9 just bought one the countless other Android flagships out there. Which left Samsung high and dry. I guess Samsung learned a thing or two about customer loyalty the hard way. With waning public interest the brand new S9 was pushed to the second and 6th positions. There isn't really another Android manufacturer that can go toe to toe with Apple in the premium segment. This mean't that an iPhone 8 buoyed by renewed customer interest in a no nonsense phone, Didn't really have a competitor to give the iPhone 8 a run for its money.

How Will The LCD iPhone Sell

What the iPhone 8 has taught us is that there is a market for low priced, familiar phones. With the LCD iPhone all set to sport the look of the iPhone X but without the immense price tag. After the success of iPhone X and the innumerable iPhone X clones the design is familiar to all and with LCD iPhone is rumoured to cost around $650-$700. This just goes to show that the LCD iPhone is gunning for the sweet spot that the iPhone 8 is in right now. The LCD iPhone looks to be a fan favourite half way through the 2018 lifecycle.  


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