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No,The Oppo Find X Is Not The Future

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You've probably seen this phone around the Oppo Find X, It's been hailed as the future of smartphones and looking at it I can't take it's futuristic claims at face value. The phone that kills the notch surprisingly causes more inconvenience than having a notch ever would. Lets break down why I think the Oppo Find X is a great marketing strategy and not the future of smartphones.

Lets Talk About That Notch  
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The notch has been seen as a great intrusion on our phones that is such an eyesore and while some may find the notch unappealing (Although most people don't as sales figures show). The notch can't be considered as an intrusion into the display in 2018. Just 10 months back we were used to seeing phones with quarter inch bezels on the top and bottom and we were fine with it. If you ask me the notch just extends the display and replaces area that would have been bezel with usable screen real estate.The notch hate has been blown out of proportion. 

No Notch So Its The Future?
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Sure there isn't a notch and that allows for a full screen display which I must admit, Does look quite appealing. On the Oppo Find X the whole top part of the phone is motorised as in the whole top of the phone pops up when you want to take a photo or when you need to unlock the phone. The most innovative feature of the Find X is also what stops it from being the phone of the Future.

Tech and Moving Parts Don't Mix

Back when computers and laptops had physical hard-drives, It wasn't uncommon for them to jam up on you or to just flat out not work after extensive use. Putting mechanical moving parts in a portable electronic device hasn't worked out really well in the past. mechanical hard drives have higher fail rates than SSDs. You see where I'm going with this. Now putting a motorised jack in a smart phone seems quite detrimental when you're trying to make the phone light and sturdy. Every one was quite shocked that an iPhone 6+ would bend when excessive pressure was applied on it, Id like to see how the Find X fares in this department. The question still remains, What if the camera gets opened when the phone is in your pocket, Some light feeling might dislodge a few key components deep in the Find X and this is all ignoring the fact that an average person unlocks their phone almost 110 times a day. That means that the motor is going to have to work hundreds of times in just a day to authenticate the user, that is not counting all the times someone might summon the popup to take a photo.More over I still fail to see how a case would fit on this phone and even if it did how would  it protect the phone when the top of the phone is totally exposed. So you have a really fragile phone that you can't find a decent case for. Yeah real futuristic.

The Tradeoffs Make No Sense 

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The Oppo Find X is priced at $1150, Okay thats kind of at the top there more expensive than the iPhone X, which every one bashed for being too expensive. So what do you get for your money with the Oppo Find X. 
You don't get:

  • A Headphone Jack (Which Android users care a lot about but don't really care that it's not present on this phone) 
  • Wireless Charging 
  • Water Resistance
  • Stereo Speakers
  • A Fingerprint Scanner 
  • A Quad HD Display
  • Decent Cases
  • No SD Card Slot
This phone has skimped on a lot of things which make a phone a flagship in 2018 and I don't think a great design will make up for the lack of these features especially when you're paying up to $1700 for the Lamborghini edition. 

So Why Even Make The Oppo Find X?

It has been rumoured that Oppo is looking to expand into the European markets, and the Find X is great way to build brand reputation. The Find X is an eye-catcher and it puts Oppo on the map for European consumers. So when Oppo does come to Europe with its F-series and other midrange smartphones it won't be looked at as another Chinese company. Besides the whole idea of the camera popping up just so that you can take a picture just seems so unintuitive, I cant imagine the The blowback that Apple or Samsung would have had to face if they came out with this phone and not Oppo. The Oppo Find X works as a marketing prop, but as a phone used by millions, Eh I don't see that happening. So no this phone has too many flaws to be the future of smartphones, In a few years this phone will be like that other Oppo phone which had a swivelling camera a few years back. Remember that? Neither do i.


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