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Will The iPhone 5s Be Getting iOS 12?

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We're barely into 2018 and iOS 11 has been a dumspter-fire, But we're already hearing rumours about iOS 12 and the rumours say that iOS 12 will have a primary focus on quality and not new features. Which brings us to the iPhone 5s.

iPhone 5s Backstory

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The iPhone 5s came out all the way back in 2013 and at the time it was considered to be the phone of the future and it truly was the 5s was the first phone with a 64 bit processor and at first apps couldn't fully utilise it's power this was or should I say is one powerful phone. But the mark of time and the advancement of software has left it's mark on the iPhone 5s, but nowhere is it near obsolete the hardware is surprisingly snappy and usable for a phone that came out in 2013. You can by all means still use the 5s as your daily driver to this day if you so chose. Calls and texting are fine it doesn't break a sweat even with some light multitasking, the camera is usable. Very impressive for a 5 year old phone. For that very reason, the iPhone 5s is still loved and used by millions of people today, even though the iPhone SE has stolen some of the iPhone 5s' thunder. It does what you'd want a phone to and it does the basics right. As I talked about in in my Google Treble post, Apple only benefits from having a high number of iOS devices out in the wild and in many developing countries like India cheaper iPhones like the iPhone 5s or the iPhone SE have been helping Apple grow in such markets.

So Why Does The iPhone 5s Need iOS 12?

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It's no secret that iOS 11 has been riddled with bugs and going by Apples usual pattern iOS 11 might be the end of the road for the iPhone 5s. If that really is the case then it is quite disheartening as the iPhone 5s is a really good phone. But there's a ray of hope over the past two years Apple has provided an extra year of support starting with the iPhone 4s and later on with the iPhone 5. iOS 9 on the iPhone 4s was a disaster. The 4s was just not up to the task of running iOS 9 but things were much better with the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5 being much more powerful than the iPhone was better equipped to handle iOS 10.When comparing the iPhone 4s on iOS 9 to the iPhone 5 on iOS 10 it is no contest the iPhone 5 aged much better than the iPhone 4s. If this trend continues with the  iPhone 5s the iPhone 5s will be more than capable of running iOS 12 as it is almost twice as fast as an iPhone 5. Moreover, as per rumours iOS 12 is going to be focusing on efficiency and stability rather than new features. This means that iOS 12 will be a more efficient more performance-oriented version of iOS 11. If that indeed is the case the iPhone 5s will have no trouble whatsoever handling iOS 12. In fact, if anything the iPhone 5s will have seem more fluid and more responsive on iOS 12. Besides  I think that the iPhone 5s deserves the iOS 12 update considering how buggy iOS 11 was. This is what Apple tried to do with iOS 10.3.3. They tried to make iOS 10.3.3 as bug-free and stable as they could as that would be the last update that would be pushed to the iPhone 5. If Apple still has the same mentality as they did it is very likely that they might give the iPhone 5s one more year of life.


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