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When Will Apple Remove The Charging Port?

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Apple's all about that wireless technology and its no secret that Apple eventually wants a port-less iPhone. With the death of the headphone jack, Apple has obviously trained its guns on the lightning port. Surely even Apple isn't courageous enough to remove something as basic as the charging port. Right? If this is the first time you've heard about this you might be feeling a sense of dread. Don't worry thats normal. Yes all those memes that said that the next iPhone might not have a charging port were true. The lightning port's days are numbered.

Why This Obsession With Wireless?

Apple believes that wireless is the future ( And it is ) and all their design choices and decisions as a company over the past few years have been to wean us off cables and physical media. Starting with the removal of the CD drive, then with the headphone jack, then with very few ports on the MacBook. Yeah Apple has been hinting at us to switch to wireless for quite some time now and it hasn't been in a subtle manner. In my opinion wireless is better there are less things to break in your phone, You probably get better water resistance and the space saved can be used for a bigger battery or something like that. So in the long run wireless benefits both the OEM and the end user. Just look at the AirPods.

When Might This Happen?

Ah I'm just waiting for the day when the first rumour drops that the new iPhones might not have a charging port and in usual fashion the internet will be in uproar. This isn't likely to happen in 2019 wireless charging on the iPhone is still in its infancy. People are yet to discover the benefits of wireless charging. But that doesn't mean that we're eons away from ditching the charging port. The thing about technology is that, growth is exponential. It took us 10000 years to discover fire another 5000 to discover the wheel another 2000 years to discover the steam engine another 100 years to start flying and just a mere 60 or so years to go from the first plane to landing men on the moon. I know that analogy isn't chronologically accurate but it gives you a sense of how technology progresses. With Apple on the wireless charging bandwagon, wireless charging is about to get a whole lot better for everyone. 
The best example is Pie Charge ( No they haven't sponsored this post in anyway). Pi Charge is a wireless charger that charges your phone from upto a feet away. No pads or precision placing required. The Best thing about it is that it can charge multiple devices at the same time.Image result for pi Charge

This isn't the only "wireless" charger we've seen. Over at this year's CES companies did show off wireless charging technologies that sends power over the Air to multiple devices with a range far greater than that the 1 foot of the Pi Charger. Sure its has it's limitations too but it is sure could power our smartphones in the future. Moreover Apple themselves have  multiple patents to implement true wireless charging.What ever the case I think its a certainty that the charging port doesn't have a lot longer to live.

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