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Don't Hold Your Breath For Native Spotify Support For The Homepod

Image result for homepodIf you were holding out hope for the fact that apple might one day allow for native Spotify playback or even hopes of being able to connect to an android device to Apple's new oblong squishy speaker, my friend I have some bad news for you.

Apple Did What?!

The Homepod released on the third of February and ever since Apple officially let us know what the Homepod can and cannot do, people have been freaking out over the fact that is does not have a FM receiver or a headphone jack or a detachable cable and then theres the lack of support for android devices and finally no native Spotify support.

A Word To Our Android Friends

Surely it must have come as no surprise to you that Apple excluded Android phones from being able to connect to the Homepod. I mean we were all surprised to find that AirPods worked with Android devices. But alas our luck seems to have run out. If you own an Android device and if  you want the Homepod  you're out of luck. I presume its due to Airplay 2, You could n't get a seamless experience without Airplay and since Android  doesn't support Airplay Apple was probably like "Nah well provide an overall better experience than compromise". Sorry Android users. This isn't a product for you.

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When It Comes To Spotify Its All About The Numbers

Recently a report surfaced that said that Apple Music was gaining fast on Spotify in the US, so fast that Apple Music might topple Spotify from that #1 spot it has held for so long. If you really think about it the Homepod is the best way to get people off Spotify and onto Apple Music. You have an an amazing speaker that sounds really great, A speaker that works really well with a service that costs just as much as the one you're using now and this new service works with your device better than your existing service. You can see how Apple is starting to look better and better by the minute.
All that Spotify can do is implement Siri into their iPhone/iPad app (Which I talked about here) and hope that not too many people jump ship to Apple Music. So Apple isn't going to give up its advantage and implement Spotify into the Homepod.

So thats what I think and in my opinion were about to see a huge spike in Apple Music subscribers in the coming months.


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