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Apple Was Totally Right To Slow Down Your Phone

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So Apple found itself in the midst of another controversy a few weeks back ( Big Surprise right!?). This time people were fuming at the fact that apple slowed down older devices to prolong their lifespans (or to implement planned obsolescence as per the conspiracy theorists). With me being the Apple Sheep I feel like I need to defend Apple on this topic, Just to reiterate I think that Apple did  the right thing.

Physics 101: Batteries Die

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Now this is point that we all know, Not battery stays the same over the course of a phones life span all batteries decay over time. Android phones feel the effect of battery decay too. A survey I conducted found that  73% of people who used the same phone for more than 3 years noticed a significant drop in battery life. So no matter who makes the phone it's a given that your battery is going to decay provided you use it over the course of a few years. We expect all our tech to wear out over time so why are we surprised that the lithium ion batteries in our iPhones wore out? It was at this time that many other manufacturers came forward with statements saying that they didn't resort to CPU throttling, but the flip side of that is that those phones randomly shut down as their batteries couldn't provide the necessary voltage. So no one is immune from your battery eventually dying.

"Apple Did It To Make Us Buy More iPhones"

This argument in my opinion makes no sense. Apple passed up a golden opportunity to get people to upgrade to a newer iPhone by throttling their older phones. This opportunity was given to them on a silver platter.
Think about it when are you more likely to buy a new phone?
Scenario A: When your 3 year old phone starts to slow down a bit but is fully usable as a phone.
Scenario B: When your 3 year old phone starts to randomly shut down and becomes a $600 paper weight.
I'll let you decide. Going back to that survey I did, they survey found that 56% of people thought that bad battery backup was a good enough reason to upgrade to a newer phone. So, all Apple had to do was do nothing. No one is going to sue Apple cause the laws of physics start to kill your battery. But instead Apple Slowed down your phone so that you could still call, text,answer emails and do everything you needed it to. This slowdown was so minuscule that it took benchmarks to prove it, meaning that its effect were hard to notice in daily use and was only felt when the phone was being pushed to its limit (like when its being benchmarked). I feel like a slight slowdown is a good tradeoff when you get a few more years out of your iPhone. Another reason I feel that this argument is B.S is cause replacing the battery solves the issue.If Apple really wanted you to buy a new phone your phone would be slow no matter what.
I truly believe Apple was trying to do the right thing. You can read Apple's apology explaining why they did what they did.

"Apple Should Have Been More Open About This"

Apple is a company and they need to turn a profit. It is unrealistic of you to expect a company to market their flaws. Thats like expecting Google to tell you that The XL2 screens might suck or for One Plus to admit that the Chinese government has unlimited access to their data. Any company will always try to hide their product's fault, they always highlight the positives. All companies are guilty of this.

So these are my thoughts. Do you think I'm right or is Apple still the bad guy here?


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