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Android Copies Apple Way More Than You Think

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 Apple for the longest time has been portrayed as the company who lost it's way in the tech industry, the company that just can't innovate anymore, a company that went south after the death of Steve Jobs. But just one quick glance across the market shows that that is not the case. Sure any fanboy who's worth his salt will tell you that all of Apple's new innovations are just rip offs of Android features, and thats true to an extent. But it goes both ways. So for the purposes of this article I'm going to be looking at three things namely Software, Design and Features. So lets get into it!


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When ever a reviewer reviews an iPhone they always compare it to stock android. For me that doesn't really make sense. If you look at the top 10 Android manufacturers you'll see a whole bunch of companies you've probably never heard of except for Samsung and maybe Motorola. The common denominator is that none of these top companies run stock Android they've all skinned Android to look more like you guessed it,-iOS. Image result for funtouch os 
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This just doesn't stop with just one or two companies Xiaomi goes so far as to offer features such as "Mi-message" ,"Mi-drop" and the "Mi-Cloud". Sure you might argue that these are companies that no one really cares for that that companies such as Oppo and Vivo aren't really top notch companies. But the thing is companies all across the spectrum do this Huawei one of the worlds largest manufacturer bases it's own flavour of Android called EMUI on iOS and the semblances aren't subtle.
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Even companies such as Oneplus who pride themselves in their Stock Android experience can be seen to take cues from iOS. Just within weeks of the iPhone X launch OnePlus and a few other companies were seen to implement the gesture based navigation into their phones.If they really wanted gesture based navigation they could have done so ages ago they needn't have waited for so long seeing as that the concept of gesture based navigation has been put there for about 9 years.


For all of 2016 people especially tech enthusiasts were claiming that the iPhone's design was stale and needed a refresh.But as you've seen in the opening photo that didn't stop anyone from "getting inspired " by the iPhone's looks. 
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More recently we've seen the same thing being done with the notch. The notch has been one of the most divisive things about about the iPhone X but that hasn't stopped Android OEMs from blatantly copying the notch onto their own phones. Most notably the Huawei P20 has copied the iPhone X design style one for one. Again I don't understand the perspective of the companies, If you really wanted the notch you could have just added one long ago back when the Essential Phone came out.
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Looks familiar? It should.


It's customary for every new iPhone to bring something new to the table, well at least to the iOS table. The iPhones 7+ brought dual cameras and portrait mode to the market and ever since September of 2016 the market has been flooded with dual camera phones.The thing is Apple wasn't the first to implement a dual camera. It had been done before but it took Apple implementing it for the whole market to take it up. One could argue that the portrait mode has been even more popular with even the cheapest phones allowing you to take knockoff portrait mode shots. It's so bad that Google didn't even bother to change the name "Portrait Mode" on it's pixel devices. If this isn't copying I don't know what is. The list goes on with facial unlock. People have been reiterating how fingerprint  sensors are better than face unlock systems but that hasn't stopped Android manufactures from pouring money into a supposedly inferior technology. Its the same story with animoji,notches, antenna bands and what not.

So those are my thoughts. Both sides copy each other key word both sides.

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