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Will Every One Calm Down The iPhone X is Doing Fine!

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Okay so right off the bat lemme say that I'm biased, but you probably got that from the blog title. But If you really think about it we all are in some form or another we're all bias ed, lets just be open about it.

If you're like me and you read a lotta tech news you might have seen headlines that look like this.

We've had a lot of reports corroborating and opposing this and these rumours are doing real damage to apple. recently apples shares have taken a small hit wiping off almost $45 billion dollars in their net value.

Lets take a look at these rumours now shall we? These rumours cite supply chain sources as -well the source of these rumours, and they have been wildly off before anyone fancy an iPhone 7 pro? Back in 2016 the rumour mill was sure that apple would release 3 new iPhones an iPhone 7 an iPhone 7+ and an iPhone 7 Pro but at long last the iPhone 7 Pro Never saw the light of day. Rumours have also been way off in the past group FaceTime never came to iOS 11 a dark mode never came to iOS 11. All we need to remember is that these reports are based off of unverified claims. Take them with a grain of salt.

Our media has always been one for the sensationalist news topics, the truth doesn't generate clicks a scandalous story does this might be why sex scandals send news ratings through the roof. The online media needs a really sensationalist title to make you click on their article. "Apples Latest iPhone Fails to impress " sure sounds a lot better than "iPhone sales down due to decreased demand after the holiday season". 
Don't take my word for it look at this particular headline.

Oh no! What could have Samsung done to disappoint America! taking a look at the article just says that the exynos variant might have super slo-mo and the US variant might not (Theres no reason for that to be the case), but the sensationalist title made you look ;).

Okay so the reports aren't totally dependable, but sticking along with the reports we are seeing other reports that basically say the opposite. That the iPhone X is selling really well.

And this isn't the only one there are some reports that look at the phone activations over the holiday season and apple is clearly in the lead with Samsung coming a distant second. We also go another report which claimed that the iPhone X sold 6 million units over black friday. I would say that these rumours are a bit more believable as they come with statistics and they're based on actual market surveys.

And for my last point Id like to remind you that the iPhone X isn't being sold in isolation. Apple has 3 new phones out this year, the 8, 8+ and the X. So comparing the X to Stats from the 7 is going to be kind of misleading. If the iPhone X breaks your heart ( or your wallet for that matter ) there are always two great devices to choose from although this doesn't mean the iPhone X is selling well It still translates into revenue for apple and the 8 and 8+ will help Apple's Q4 sales which will inevitably give apple the boost it needs to hit that $1 trillion market cap.

So to recap all of this is just conjecture and its just my thoughts on the topic and were just a few days away from apple releasing their Q4 sales on February 1 and personally I think it'll be a stellar quarter for Apple. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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